10 Things I Never Travel Without

10 Things I Will Never Travel Without, Article via hepcathannah.com #wanderlust #travel #packingEveryone has certain things that they never travel without, or at the very least prefer to always with take them.  For me, even though I like to travel light (per se), I have several things that I personally never travel without.

This list is of my absolute, cannot forget to bring must-haves.  Well okay.  Maybe I could get along without a few things on this list.  But the point is, it’s handier if I don’t try to.

And at the end of the article, you’ll have to tell me about your must-bring items.  I’ve love to know!


My Vapur Water Bottle

I just love my Vapur collapsible water bottle.  It’s so effortless.  It fits inside my purse just fine, and with the built-in carabiner, I can clip it to my purse strap or backpack with ease.  When it’s empty it rolls up tight, and takes up hardly any space.

My Glasses

These are for backup, as I always wear contact lenses.  I also always bring an extra pair of contact lenses.  But my glasses are my ace in the hole.  If I ever ran out of saline, I could simply wear glasses & get along just dandy.

Also, when I take my contact lenses off at night, I like to wear my glasses around my room without bumping into things.

Because, seriously.  Minus contacts & glasses, I feel as blind as a bat.  I can just imagine myself walking through the blur of a bustling city sidewalk, people jostling me this way and that.
And then trying to read street signs?  Ha!  That’s not happening.  I’d be like Cary Grant on I Was a Male War Bride.  I’d climb the pole to get close enough to read the sign, only to find out it says “wet paint.”

10 Things I Never Travel Without by Hepcat Hannah

A Notebook

I love to write.  So naturally I would be lost without a notebook.  I like to write out my packing list, and check everything off.  I like to jot down ideas for blog posts & story ideas while I’m out & about.
And I like to keep a journal of my travels. But instead of bringing a whole book of 6 months worth of journaling, I use my notebook & then rip out the pages afterwards. When I get home, I stuff the pages in a nostalgic box that’s dedicated for my special odds, ends, and journal entries.


Debit cards are super, I know.  They make it so that you don’t have to carry large amounts of cash everywhere with you all the time.  But still.  Cash is almost more important.  I can’t imagine visiting a new country, without bringing some of the local currency, stashed in various places throughout my personal belongings.

So many things could happen.  Like your bank account being frozen.  Not being able to find an ATM.  Eating at a restaurant where they only accept cash.

A Copy of My Passport

In addition to my passport (which, of course, I also never travel without), I like to have a copy of my passport with me too.  I don’t like carrying around my passport in my purse while exploring a new destination.  So I stash my actual passport in a safe place in my room (I’ve actually been looking into getting one of these portable safe thingies), and then I carry a notarized copy in my purse.

Besides providing peace of mind, it’s always good to have some sort of copy of your passport (whether on your phone or a piece of paper), in case your actual passport is ever stolen (heaven forbid!).

10 Things I Never Travel Without by Hepcat Hannah #travel #wanderlust


It must be a survival instinct, but I always like to have some snacks with me.  For an emergency.  Well, and for any time I’m hungry.  But what I mean is, if there was a situation where food wasn’t attainable for several hours or days (jeepers!), I like to know that I wouldn’t completely starve.  Even though I know I could last several days without food… I suppose.  Anyways.  In most circumstances, my concern is simply to not faint from hunger.  So I bring snacks.

My Camera

This one I have mixed feelings about.  Ninety-nine percent of the time, yes, I would be taking my camera with me on a trip.  I love photography.  I love capturing memories, and putting together photo albums to look back at on a rainy afternoon.  And as a travel blogger, pics are a must.

But I don’t always take it everywhere with me.  Sometimes I leave it behind in the hotel room.  Because sometimes, I just want to live in the moment.  Pay attention to where I am, and what I’m doing.

So the camera is a must have.  But not 24/7.

My Laptop

Well, I really should say a laptop and internet.  Because I took my laptop with me to Panama last summer.  And without access to internet, the only thing I used it for was uploading images from my camera.  lol

I can get along without internet, I suppose.  But it really makes a trip so much easier if I have access to both my laptop & WiFi.  Whether it’s for emailing family back home or checking on a flight or looking up where to eat in the new town I’m in.

For instance, where the latter is concerned, my friend Ronda (from Say Hello Blog) & I found a superb taco place to eat at in Newport Beach, during a visit to Southern California (you can read about it here).  And it was all thanks to a random internet search.

10 Things I Never Travel Without by Hepcat Hannah

My Anti-Theft Purse

I’ve mentioned before how much I love my anti-theft purse by Travelon.  I love that I can fit my camera, and water bottle, whatever I need.  Then simply clip it closed with the lobster claw, and know that I’m keeping my stuff as safe as possible.  You can read my full article here.

My Anxieties

“What? Hannah, that’s an odd thing to add to this list.”  Yes, this is an odd one, I know.  But I never travel without my anxieties.  Oh gosh, how I would love to though!  I thought maybe once I’d traveled internationally, or conquered my first solo trip, maybe then I’d be a fearless traveler.  But no, that doesn’t change things.  I have to admit, sometimes traveling scares the heck out of me.  Most always in the way of pre-trip jitters.

I still travel though.  Because I love it.  Even if it means I have to muddle through hectic airports every time I want to go somewhere new.

Tell me, what things are on your list that you never travel without?  Is there anything on this list that you also prefer to travel with?

Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links.  But as always, all opinions are completely my own.

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5 thoughts on “10 Things I Never Travel Without

  1. I always carry an inflatable neck pillow. It’s great in a car or plane, but I also sleep with it, and my own pillowcase, so I know I’m putting my head on a clean pillow!

  2. Wonderful list and array of items. Like yourself, I try to carry a notebook and camera (or at least my cell phone) with me, as the two go hand-in-hand for me when it comes to recording special moments and everyday pleasures of a trip alike. Much like yourself, my anxiety always comes along for the ride, too . Sometimes it steps back a bit while I’m on the road, others (like our most recent get-away to Edmonton, AB) it seems to invite all its friends, cousins and second cousins along and they piggy back through some or all of the trip. Ultimately though, it’s well worth it to get out of my small town (which is lovely, but…well, small!!! :)) and see more of this vast, amazing world of ours, so I don’t mind all that much usually if my anxiety wants to rack up some more frequent flier miles

    Many hugs & thanks for your recent blog visit,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you for your kind words, and for taking the time to comment, Jessica! I’m an avid follower of your blog, Chronically Vintage.
      Good for you on conquering your anxieties though travel! For me, traveling also helps me get past those struggles, by getting out of my comfort zone & growing as a person. 🙂

  3. Anytime I go on a trip, whether it be for a month in Panama or to camp, I always bring a minimum of two books. I can’t go anywhere without something to read to past any downtime I have. I agree with the snacks; food is always a good idea! I also like to bring a pack of gum on any trip, even if I’m not flying.

    1. Oh yes, a pack of gum is a must! I always like to have some when flying.
      And books are super important too. Although I try to limit myself on the amount because of weight. Just shows I should probably invest in an e-reader someday. 🙂

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