24 More Fantastic Classic Travel Movies You Should Watch

Classic Travel Films for Travelers to Inspire Wanderlust, by Hepcat HannahAnother list of classic travel movies?  Yes.  Well, as I mentioned in my last post, I’m always finding new ones.   Which is a super good thing, right?  Because everyone needs a travel-themed pick-me-up now & again. 🙂

I like all of these movies (I didn’t include any in this list that I didn’t like), but a few are some very old favorites, such as Father Goose, Donovan’s Reef, and The Sound of Music.  Sometimes I wonder if the movies I watched growing up influenced my crave for travel.  I can pick a favorite movie from every era of my life, and each one has something to do with travel.

I really should write out my bucket list sometime because there are a number of places that I want to visit, simply because I have a childhood memory of seeing it a movie.  Like taking a long cruise across the Atlantic (Gentlemen Prefer Blondes), drinking a glass of Strega at a little cafe in Rome (Rome Adventure), or experiencing a bit of adventure in Agios Georgios on the island of Crete (The Moon-Spinners).

Of course, I think it would be refreshing to have things happen the other way around.  You know, instead of visiting a place & it reminding you of a movie, you watch a movie & it reminds you of a place you’ve been to. 🙂

And, without further ado, here is my list of 24 fantastic classic travel movies:


1: Three Coins in the Fountain  (Rome, Italy – 1954)

Three american secretaries visit Bella Roma, some with the hope of finding love.  Together they toss coins into the Trevi Fountain to guarantee their return to Rome someday, as the legend says.
The theme song, sharing the same title as the film, was sung by Frank Sinatra, for which he was uncredited.

Staring:  Clifton Webb, Dorothy McGuire, Jean Peters, Louis Jourdan, and Rossano Brazzi.

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2: The Pleasure Seekers  (Madrid, Spain – 1964)

This is a remake of the movie above, only it takes us to a different, yet equally stunning location.

Starring:  Ann-Margret, Carol Lynley, and Pamela Tiffin.

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3: Donovon’s Reef  (French Polynesia – 1963)

The setting for this moving is lovely (although it was actually filmed on the island of Kauai, as Haleakaloha is a fictional island).
I don’t know where to begin on describing story line of this movie, perhaps because I watched it so much growing up that I know it too well.  The setting is post-war where a group of navy buddies have settled on populated the island.  Things get interesting (and a bit confusing) when Miss Amelia Dedham (Elizabeth Allen) from Boston visits the island, hoping to meet her long lost father.

Starring:  John Wayne, Elizabeth Allen, Lee Marvin, Jack Warden, Dorothy Lamour, and Cesar Romero.

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4: The Sound of Music  (Salzburg, Austria – 1965)

Need I describe this well renowned musical?

Starring:  Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer.

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5: Paris When it Sizzles  (Paris, France – 1964)

You’ll get a taste of a bizarre style of writing (or a lesson on how not to write a screenplay) when you watch this rather eccentric pair attempt to write a script in two days.  Set in Paris, this film takes place almost the entirely within the Parisian apartment (with the exception of the imaginary sequences), the Eiffel Tower gracing the background.
Also, if you watch this film, be sure to keep a lookout for all the cameo appearances, Marlene Dietrich for instance.

Starring:  Audrey Hepburn and William Holden.

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6: Love is a Many-Splendored Thing  (Hong Kong – 1955)

This is a tale of love, a bit happy, and a lot sad.  But what I love about it is that it was filmed on location in Hong Kong.  That was something a little unusual at the time.

Starring:  Jennifer Jones and William Holden.

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7: Light in the Piazza  (Florence, Italy – 1962)

Starring:  Olivia de Havilland, Rossano Brazzi, Yvette Mimieux, and George Hamilton.

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8: Funny Face (Paris, France – 1957)

Starring:  Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire.

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9: Fun in Acapulco  (Acapulco, Mexico – 1963)

Starring:  Elvis Presley and Ursula Andress.

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10: South Pacific  (Island in the South Pacific – 1958)

Starring:  Rossano Brazzi and Mitzi Gaynor.

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11: An American in Paris  (Paris, France – 1951)

Starring:  Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron.

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12: Around the World in 80 Days  (the World – 1956)

Starring:  David Niven, Cantinflas, Shirley MacLaine, and… wait for it… over 40 cameo appearances, including great stars like Marlene Dietrich and Frank Sinatra.

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13: Gidget Goes Hawaiian  (Hawaii – 1961)

Starring:  Deborah Walley, James Darren, and Karl Reiner.

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14: The Perfect Furlough  (Paris, France – 1958)

Starring:  Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh.

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15: Follow the Boys  (French & Italian Riviera – 1963)

Starring:  Paula Prentiss, Connie Francis, and Janis Paige.

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16: Gentlemen Prefer Blondes  (Transatlantic Cruise – 1953)

Starring:  Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell.

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17: Holiday for Lovers  (São Paulo, Brazil – 1959)

Starring:  Clifton Webb, Jane Wyman, Jill St. John and Carol Lynley.

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18: Bon Voyage!  (Transatlantic Cruise & France – 1962)

Starring:  Fred MacMurray, Jane Wyman, Deborah Walley, Tommy Kirk, and Kevin Corcoran.

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19: Father Goose  (Melanesia – 1964)

Starring:  Cary Grant, Leslie Caron, and Trevor Howard.

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20: Mogambo  (Africa – 1953)

Starring:  Clark Gable, Ava Gardner, and Grace Kelly.

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21: Come Fly with Me  (USA, France, and Austria – 1963)

Starring:  Dolores Hart, Hugh O’Brian, Karlheinz Böhm, Pamela Tiffin, Karl Malden, and Lois Nettleton.

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22: Gigi  (Paris, France – 1958)

Starring:  Leslie Caron, Louis Jourdan, and Maurice Chevalier.

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23: Royal Wedding  (Transatlantic Cruise – 1951)

Starring:  Fred Astaire, Jane Powell, and Peter Lawford.

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24: Summertime  (Venice, Italy – 1955)

Starring:  Katherine Hepburn and Rossano Brazzi.

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Whew!  That’s a list.  Time for a coffee break…

Out of all these lovely classic travel movies, my absolute favorite is The Sound Of Music.  I watched it so many times growing up, I know every line (and most of the music) by heart.  Salzburg, Austria is definitely on my bucket list.

Don’t forget, this is a “part 2” article, so if you haven’t read the first part, click here.

Do you have any favorite classic travel movies?  Have you seen any of the movies on this list?  Which ones are your favorites?

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  1. You’ve listed some of my favorite movies and some that I haven’t seen! So I am adding the ones I haven’t seen to a list of movies to watch! Funny Face and Gigi are two of my favorites! Have you seen Roman Holiday? I love that one too!

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