5 Dr. Seuss Quotes to Jazz Up Your Travel Perspective

5 Dr Seuss Quotes to Jazz Up Your Travel Perspective, by @Hepcat Hannah. #wanderlustA few inspirational quotes anyone?  Yes please!  I’ve gathered together 5 Dr. Seuss quotes that are my favorites, and ones that I think easily apply to travel (not to mention, life in general).

But first, can I just say how much I loved The Cat in the Hat when I was a little girl?  There was always something about the rhyming rhythm in that story…  Something akin to the joy of listening to music.  Even now I get a whimsical feeling of poetic satisfaction when I read it.  Combine that with some nostalgia, and you can see why I’m partial to Dr. Seuss quotes.  Can’t you?  And don’t get me started on Green Eggs & Ham.  Childhood memories overload… lol

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Dr. Suess Quotes Article, by @HepcatHannah

You’re off to great places.  Today is your day.  Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way.  -Dr. Seuss

The world is out there, waiting for you to explore it!  What’s holding you back?  Your job?  Finances?  I hear you.  I really do.  Travel isn’t always easy, nor possible sometimes.  What was it Alice in Wonderland said about sometimes believing 6 impossible things before breakfast?  Totally applicable for the person under the spell of wanderlust.  But we must always believe in doing the impossible!

Want to know my key to traveling as much as I do?  Prioritizing.  It’s as simple as that.  When travel is the most important thing to you, you’ll find yourself passing up that daily tall frappe or those new Italian leather flats you’d had your eye on.  Prioritizing travel makes you a penny pincher money saver.  It makes you a minimalist.
What about that closet you have full of clothes that you’ve only worn once or not at all?  Sell them on Poshmark!

Is time the issue?  Can’t get off from work?  Why not plan a weekend trip?  And you know, you don’t always have to go far to travel.  You can have an adventure right in your hometown!  There are oodles of activities where I live that I haven’t gotten around to experiencing yet.

5 Dr. Seuss Quotes to Jazz Up Your Travel Perspective, by Hepcat Hannah

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.  -Dr. Seuss

Having some post vacation blues?  I know how that feels.  The trip is over, and you’re forced to go back to real life stuff.  Work, responsibilities, work, family stuff.  Did I mention work?  It’s the bitter end, isn’t it?

But don’t forget to take into account that you had a splendid time!  Get the pictures off of your camera, and share them with friends and family.  Start a hobby blog, and write about your experiences.  Keep a journal while on your trip, so you can re-read it much later when you need some cheering up.

When you visit a new place, a little of it always remains with you.
It’s true.  I have special memories of Panama, Belize, Canada, all tucked away for a rainy day when a little reminiscing is just what the doctor order.
And I delight over the fact that I had the courage to go on those trips.

You should take delight as well!  Never forget to smile, because it happened. 😀

5 Dr. Seuss Quotes to Jazz Up Your Travel Perspective, by Hepcat Hannah

You are you.  Now, isn’t that pleasant?  -Dr. Seuss

You ARE you!  And you know what?  Travel changes you.  I’m sure you’ve heard lots of other travelers say that “you find yourself” when you travel.  Were you lost though?  Maybe…
What I really think is that traveling gives us the courage to be ourselves to the fullest.  You were already you.  But, now you’re not afraid to be yourself, in every aspect of your life.  Which sounds so simple, doesn’t it?  Yet is can be quite difficult, as you probably know.

When you are you, that’s certainly a pleasant thing!  Don’t you think so?  Or does this make any sense at all?

5 Dr. Seuss Quotes to Jazz Up Your Travel Perspective, by Hepcat Hannah

You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.  -Dr. Seuss

Are you in love?  I think it’s quite easy to fall in love with something and not a person.  The definition of love is, an intense feeling of deep affection.  Can a person fall in love with traveling?  I think so.  Actually, I know so.  You can fall in love with a lot of things.  But what is lovely is when you fall in love with a dream, and then you manage to turn that dream into a reality.

But then again… perhaps I’m taking this quote out of context. lol

5 Dr. Seuss Quotes to Jazz Up Your Travel Perspective, by Hepcat Hannah

How did it get so late so soon?  -Dr. Seuss

What???  You’ve got a career, a spouse, and 2.2 children, but never did make it to South America like you’d always dreamed of doing?  How did this happen!!?

But serious now.  Do you know what the most common regret is of people late in life?  That they didn’t travel enough.  It’s true, just google it.  Or read this article.

When I was little, I always thought it took forever for an entire year to go by.  Now they go by too quickly.  Much too quickly.  Do you know what year it is people?  Kids that were born in this century can legally drive now.  Frightening, isn’t it?  No offense to centennials, of course. lol

So this is why I prioritize travel.  Now, while I’m young.  While I’m single!

Care to share some of your favorite Dr. Seuss quotes?  Or any of your favorite travel quotes?  Let me know in the comments below!  I’d love to chat. 🙂

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