5 Thought-Provoking Quotes to Help You Stop Procrastinating

5 Thought Provoking Quotes to Help You Stop Procrastinating by Hepcat HannahHave you ever had analysis paralysis?  Do you often have trouble finishing projects?  Starting new ones?  It may even be something that you really want to do. You talk about doing… But somehow it still gets put off.

I’m not hounding you, I promise.  I’ve been dealing with a lot of procrastination in my own life (like when was the last time I posted on the blog?  What, over 3 weeks ago!?).  And when I talk to my friends, they deal with the same thing too.  Everybody procrastinates!

Sometimes I wonder if it’s become a little stylish.  Everyone’s doing it, it’s easy to just say, “Oh well, I’m procrastinating in that area of my life right now.”  Okay, maybe not everyone admits it.  But I find myself saying something of the like now and again.  And much too often.

A friend will text me and ask, “What are you up to right now?”  I’ll reply with, “Oh not much, just procrastinating on my writing.”  <– BTW, is that correct grammar usage?

So due to my own struggles, I like to read motivational quotes to help me keep on track.  Quotes are all over my work area already.   I love quotes!
I have a page-a-day desk calendar that gives me new quotes on the weekends, a bulletin board on the wall facing me with no less than five handwritten quotes tacked on there (not to mention a few fortune cookie aphorisms), and then a few more quotes stuffed in my desk drawer with a lot of other random scraps of paper.

Simply scroll down to read these fab quotes to help you stop procrastinating!

5 Thought Provoking Quotes to Help You Stop Procrastinating by Hepcat Hannah

If and when were planted, and nothing grew.
― Anonymous

Do you drop a lot of “ifs” and “whens” in your day to day conversations?  I certainly do.  I thought this quote was rather clever sounding.  But it’s really just a statement of truth.

5 Thought Provoking Quotes to Help You Stop Procrastinating by Hepcat Hannah

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.
― Walt Disney

Referring back to the first quote, once we put the “ifs” and “whens” aside, that’s when we start to get things done.  If we have the gumption to sit down and do what needs doing.

5 Thought Provoking Quotes to Help You Stop Procrastinating by Hepcat Hannah

Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone.
― Pablo Picasso

This quote gives me the shivers!  Just a bit. 😉  It makes me think of all the things I want to do in life.  And I become anxious to start doing them.  Such as writing, and publishing my first novel.

5 Thought Provoking Quotes to Help You Stop Procrastinating by Hepcat Hannah

It’s the job that’s never started that takes the longest to finish.
― J.R.R. Tolkien

I have a story I started writing plotting 2 years ago.  Only recently have I started taking it more seriously.  And I mean by writing every. single. day.

Think about it… Think of all the other people who are procrastinating too.  Start now, and you’re already ahead!  Because you’ve actually started.  And the sooner you begin, the sooner you finish.

5 Thought Provoking Quotes to Help You Stop Procrastinating by Hepcat Hannah

A writer who waits for ideal conditions in which to work will die without putting a single word to paper.
― E.B. White

Another dramatically pointed quote to boost your performance?  Well, this one is for the writers (particularly me).  Do you know what the likelihood of ideal writing conditions are?  This quote nagged at me for a while.  I used to be the queen of “waiting for the mood to strike.”  Or I would wait for things in my life to not be so hectic.

No more excuses!

You don’t wait for ideal conditions, you create them.  If you need a certain atmosphere to get work done, then create that atmosphere!

My happy place (where I get the most work done) is at my desk, when the house is quiet.  Does that mean that I can’t work until things have settled down (usually that happens late in the evenings)?  Or hope for a day when I have the house entirely to myself?
No.  But I can tailor my work schedule to suit my needs.

I know I can’t write when the house is too noisy.  Instead I’ll work on editing photos.  Designing graphics.  Posting on social media.  I’ll put off the creative writing stuff until evening.  When I know things have settled down.  <– Can you tell I live in a house with several other people? lol

Have I gone of on a rabbit trail?  Sorry about that. 😀

It’s probably about time to wrap up this article.  I’ve shared my quotes with you, and even ranted talked a little about my own frustrations with procrastinating.  And I hope somehow through all of this, you’ve felt some encouragement. 🙂

What do you think of these quotes to help you stop procrastinating?  Do you have any favorite motivational quotes to share?  Please share them with me in the comments below!

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