4 Simply Delicious Places to Eat in Orange County

places to eat in orange county, restaurants, reviews, california, socal, Hepcat Hannah, orange countyThis is a bit of a foodie post (you’re welcome!).  During my visit to the Women in Travel Summit, I got to explore quite a range of Orange County.  Not all of it, and maybe not as in-depth as I’d have liked.  Just a little here, a little there.  I actually hope to go back again sometime, and spend my entire visit exploring everything.  But, until then, I’ll have to be content with the lovely visit that I did experience.  Which also included some really great food.  And that’s what I’m about to share with you. 🙂

There are so many places to eat in Orange County, I was delighted when I discovered each of the following places to be quite delicious.

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Two Images by Ronda at Say Hello Blog

Juice Crafters at Balboa Island

This juice bar is the bees knees!  I’d say that they serve the best smoothies ever, but I seem to fall in love with most every smoothie I try, so long as it has pineapple.  And, as you can see, the smoothies that my friend Ronda & I chose most definitely contained pineapple.  We even got yellow straws!  Is there any other color in the world more bright & friendly than yellow?

If you’re out for a jaunt on Balboa Island, just meandering through the shops, this is the place to stop if it’s too early in the day for lunch.  Or if you’re not up for trying the Island’s famous frozen bananas (who’s not up for that, though?).

places to eat in orange county, orange county eats, ruby's diner, shake shack, beach, crystal cove, restaurants, orange county, Hepcat HannahRuby’s Shake Shack at Crystal Cove

I think food always tastes best when you’re close to the ocean.  Silly thought of mine, but I just had to say it.  I’d probably say the same thing about the mountains, but who cares.

A hop, skip, and a jump away from Balboa Island is Crystal Cove.  Now here is where I am supposed to heartily recommend The Beachcomber, a swanky & wildly popular restaurant right on the sandy beach.  Well, it also had an hour and fifty minute weight for lunch.  My friend & I put in our name & got our beeper, the both of us a little put out as we were already famished.  But, we really wanted to try this restaurant.  Nearly everyone had recommended it!
After a bit we decided to take a hike up to the only other restaurant in sight, which was also very busy, but didn’t appear as “slow food style” as the Beachcomber.  After a few trips of going up & down those stairs (the antics of two undecided persons that are getting all the more hungry), we decided to eat at Ruby’s Shake Sack.

And yes, we were indeed glad with our choice.  Ruby’s has the most divine burgers and french fries!  And you just can’t beat that view.
Also, if you don’t think you can eat a whole double patty burger, just order a junior burger off the kids menu.  That’s what I did. 😉

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à la Minute in Old Towne

You didn’t think I’d forget about ice cream, did you?  This is the place to stop for that well-deserved afternoon treat.  And may I suggest the Fresh Mint Chip?  Or if you’re the adventurous type, there’s always the Beet & Goat Cheese (it was actually pretty good!).

At à la Minute, they make their ice cream in the most unique way, using locally sourced ingredients, Kitchen Aid mixers, and liquid nitrogen.  Yes, I’d definitely call that a unique method.
This place was bustling when I visited, but it still doesn’t take long to get your flavor of choice freshly made just for you.

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Wild Taco in Newport Beach

I saved the best for last!  Perhaps it was because I was famished, or perhaps it was because of the vivid atmosphere of Newport Beach at night, but I have to say the Wild Taco served the best tacos I’d ever eaten in my life.  Yes, I’m serious.  I may have a different opinion when I finally get to Mexico & try their street tacos, but we’ll see.
The four that I tried were the al pastor, carnitas, carne asada, and pollo asado. All of which were very good, with the al pastor being my absolute favorite.

I’d love to hear about your favorite places to eat in Orange County!  Have you visited any of the places above?  What did you think? Please let me know in the comments below.


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