A Delightful Day at Seattle’s Pike Place Market

Visiting Pike Place Market in Seattle Washinton, by Hepcat Hannah.

I just love open-air markets, don’t you?  The ambiance is fresh & clean, despite the grimy walkways, airborne 3′ long fish, and the bevy of people bumping into you from all sides. Besides, those features just add to the experience.  Granted, my fresh market experiences in the past have been limited to that of the small town type farmer’s markets.  But, those memories are very dear to me!  And naturally, there are pros & cons to all types of markets.

Today I want to tell you about this bustling place I thoroughly enjoyed: Pike Place Market.  It’s a historical market featuring hundreds of owner-operated produce stands, butcher shops, bakeries, and more.  Scroll down to read more about the Market, and feel free to admire my amateur delightful pictures!

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Now, with the abundance of fresh fruits & food vendors (most specifically the doughnut vendors), it isn’t a surprise that the aroma of food would make one just a bit hungry.  So, we stopped off at Lowell’s, and enjoyed a lovely meal at the classy, three-story hideaway.  I highly recommend the fried seafood platter, consisting of Alaskan cod, calamari, tiger prawns, and all the trimmings.  And, there is plenty for two (I split it with one of my companions).

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And, (as I hinted at earlier) now for the donuts!  I must confess, I am not usually a big doughnut fan.  But these little bites of heaven from the Daily Dozen, well, they were simply too yummy not to mention.  Make sure you get ’em while they’re hot!  While I was waiting for the piping hot treats to be tossed into a brown paper sack, I couldn’t help but be fascinated by the cute little machine.  Oh, I know, so silly am I.  But it made me think of Homer Price, a classic book I read when I was little…  something about an unstoppable doughnut-making machine.

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Now, if you do ever get a chance to visit Pike Place Market, you will find there are oodles of stores hidden throughout (& mostly down under) the Market.  At nearly every turn you’ll find some quaint little shop.  And, of course, I’m gonna tell you about some of my favorites.

Let’s begin with the chocolate store.  Don’t you think that’s a good place to start?  When you walk into indi chocolate, naturally, it’s the bitter & seductively earthy scent that is first noticed.  After all, it’s chocolate… need I say more?  But, if you take the time to listen (instead of drool), you can learn a lot about this productive little store.  Their artisan chocolate is produced in small batches, and the beans are sourced by the owner, directly from farmers.

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And now for the highlight of my Market visit: the Lion Heart Bookstore.  I will never forget this cozy little shop.  When you walk through the door, you are greeted by the owner (a very jolly guy), who will proceed to engage you in delightful conversation about Seattle, books, music, and more.  And perhaps, you just might witness a pleasant serenade, a cappella…

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On a side note (or a rabbit trail), I was able to pick up a nice read for the flight home, plus a cute bookish button.  It is my first time to read anything by Jane Austen.  We’ll see if I can interpret all those intriguing words like sensibility, gratify, reverie, and impertinent…

And that wraps up this visit to the Market.  Is there an open air market that you’ve visited & loved?  Have you ever been to Pike Place Market?  Let me know in the comments below.

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Hannah is a vintage girl with two things always on her mind: Traveling & Books. When she’s not out exploring the world, she is at home on her parent’s farm in the Ozarks, planning her next adventure or writing romantic fiction. The travel bug hit her at an early age, and she skipped the college scene in favor of a career in travel blogging. Hannah loves jazz music, is slightly obsessed about her INFJ personality type, and is a lot quieter in person than she is in the blogosphere. Until you get to know her, that is.

2 thoughts on “A Delightful Day at Seattle’s Pike Place Market

  1. Thanks for the visit to Pike St. Mkt. Very nice layout. I like your description “bevy of people”. That 3′ flying fish must have been a sign. I liked the fish layout (smell and all) and bought about 6 huge prawns – deep fried and juicy. Were good but the price was a little touristy.

    Looking forward to your visit to a little “out of the way” flea mkt. for antique shop somewhere in Ark. or Mo. My best deal was an 11 place setting of dishes with all the various bowls that came with it. Should have kept it but we were traveling from Argentina so gave it away to a friend with a big family who lives in Green Forest, Mo.

    Keep up the good work.

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