Edmonds, WA: an Affordable & Lovely Seattle Day Trip

Edmonds Washington a Fun Day Trip from Seattle by Hepcat HannahAlmost always, when I visit a city, I like to squeeze a few day trips into the plans.  It really is so relaxing to get away from the hustle & bustle, and find a nice “local town.”  It’s what the local city-dwellers do, so why not us tourists?

Edmonds isn’t exactly a quiet little town (with a population of 40,000), but it is a much slower pace than it’s neighboring city of Seattle.  The weekends are busy (those city-visitors, remember?), but it’s a “laid back” let’s-stop-to-smell-the-roses-on-our-way-to-Starbucks mentality.  You’ll find the downtown full to the brim with interesting shops & restaurants to explore.  Not to mention a nice selection of cafes to get your daily (or hourly) cup of coffee.

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I stood for several minutes, trying to get a picture of the picturesque center of downtown (upper right), but there was a constant stream of traffic going through that roundabout.  So, yes, I want appreciation for my effort.

Tell me, what do you think of the dreamy house with a white picket fence & practically an entire forest gracing it’s courtyard?  Charming, isn’t it?

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Dear old Mr. & Mrs. Retriever, waiting patiently, outside of Starbucks.

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I found a little free library! In fact there were several throughout Edmonds.

seattle day trip, edmonds, washington, WA, hepcat hannah, travel, travelers, destination, USA

One plus about visiting on the weekend is that Edmonds has it’s own farmer’s market.  Not as grand as Pike Place Market, but you won’t be disappointed with the variety of goods for sale.  No, there aren’t any airborne 3′ long fish. lol  But hey, this one has a vintage fire engine.

seattle day trip, edmonds, washington, WA, hepcat hannah, travel, travelers, destination, USA

seattle day trip, edmonds, washington, WA, hepcat hannah, travel, travelers, destination, USA

If you find yourself craving a refreshment, stop by the Red Twig Bakery Cafe.  I can recommend both their chai tea lattes and their Italian sodas.

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There were quite a few restaurant choices in Edmonds, but I set my cap for Chanterelle.  And I’m so very glad I did.  The atmosphere was divine, and the food was delicious.

I heartily recommend both the Cioppino (Italian Fisherman’s Stew) & the Chicken, Goat Cheese and Mushroom Pastry.

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If you want to take your day trip a little bit further, you can hop on the ferry and take a 30 minute jaunt over to Kingston.  I wish I had.  Kingston looks to be a very charming town.  They call it the “natural side” of the Puget Sound.

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Scuba diving, anyone?  Be sure to check out Edmonds Underwater Park.  The Park provides parking, a shower & foot-wash station, and restrooms for your convenience.

Sadly, there are a few things that I missed out on seeing in Edmonds (one in particular).  You see, since it was a random idea to visit (a recommendation from out concierge in Lynnwood), I didn’t know very much about the town to begin with.  I discovered only afterwards that Edmonds is the hometown of Rick Steves.  As in Rick Steves’ Europe?  Yes.  There is even a travel center (130 4th Avenue North) for us wanna-visit-Europe-someday-travelers.

And, if you like history, there is a Historical Society & Museum to visit.


So, what do you think of Edmonds?  Do you have another Seattle day trip that you recommend?  Let me know in the comments below!

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6 thoughts on “Edmonds, WA: an Affordable & Lovely Seattle Day Trip

  1. Dear Hannah,

    I am glad to hear that you enjoyed Edmonds. I work for the Edmonds Chamber of Commerce and have loved this town ever since! Next time you are in town, you should stop by and visit the Chamber along with the wonderful “Log Cabin,” that is the Visitor Bureau. It has quite a bit of history in itself. Love the photographs!

    Best regards,

    Georgia Wright
    Office Manager
    Edmonds Chamber of Commerce

  2. Edmonds is a great town! I love living here. You forgot a very important stop on any visit, Spangler Book Exchange/Reread Books. It’s a great, independent bookstore. Stop in there next time, you won’t be disappointed!

  3. Dear Hannah,
    Edmonds is quite a buzz from having been featured in your blog.
    And are YOU the photographer! How nice to have you as a visitor – Come back often!

    And for what’s happening week-to-week for tourists and the newly arrived read “My Edmonds News” ;D

    1. I am thrilled at all the positive responses to my article. It’s so very exciting!
      Yes, I’m the photographer, though still very much an amateur. I’m sure I’ll be back someday. 🙂

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