Ensemble: Blustery March Weather

Blustery March Weather Vintage Ensemble by @HepcatHannah Two days ago, we were having 70 degree weather, gusty winds, and I spent part of my evening in our basement during a tornado warning.  Today it’s like winter again.  It’s a fact, the season’s are loosing it.

So today I decided to mirror the weather’s random personality by rushing outside to do a photo shoot in the snow.  I seemed like such a good idea.  Until I was out in the elements, of course.

But could you blame me?  Just looooook at those fluffy flakes, for goodness sake!  I swear, they’re all 100% real.

Blustery March Weather Vintage Ensemble by @HepcatHannah

You see before you here, the face of a girl who’s freezing, but still trying her best to smile at the camera.

Blustery March Weather Vintage Ensemble by @HepcatHannah

Curious about what I’m wearing?  Well, considering that’s the subject matter of this post, I’d better share that little bit of information, hadn’t I?

BTW, this is my first fashion post on the blog!!!!  Can I get a round of applause, please?  Thank you. 🙂

The Ensemble:

Coat: Thrifted, 1960s vintage, tag says “Int’l. Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union”
Dress: Gift from a friend, brand unknown
Shoes: Clark’s Ballet Flats in Black
Necklace: a darling Alice in Wonderland themed watch on a chain by the Etsy shop, Umbrella Laboratory

The story of the coat…

I was shopping at a local flea market with my family, and something bright caught my eye, the exact color of a Cuties orange.  The second thing I noticed was the pattern (natch).  This girl’s got a thing for houndstooth.  😉

I was certain it was several sizes to large for me.  But then my Grandma, insisted I try it on.  And when I did, that sealed the deal.  It fit perfectly!  My mistake was thinking that coats have to be fitted.  Really though, it’s embarrassing that I’m so nuts about vintage clothing, and I didn’t realize immediately that the looseness of the coat was apart of the style.  *rolls eyes*  Obviously I need a little more practice with shopping for vintage clothes.  lol

Blustery March Weather Vintage Ensemble by @HepcatHannah

Blustery March Weather Vintage Ensemble by @HepcatHannah

I have to say, I love, love, love the big buttons on this coat! Considering it’s probably at least 50 years old, it’s pretty neat that it still has all it’s buttons.

Blustery March Weather Vintage Ensemble by @HepcatHannah

Okay, is it just me or is my hair caked with snow?  Mhm, it looks that way.

Ah ha!  So that’s why my hair was a drippy mess when I came inside…  And began to melt. lol

Blustery March Weather Vintage Ensemble by @HepcatHannah

Twirling, such fun! Seriously though, isn’t the lining of this coat just divine? I can’t wait to wear it in the spring. Normal spring weather, of course.  When it’s not snowing like a blizzard.  lol

Blustery March Weather Vintage Ensemble by @HepcatHannah

Proof that life in the era of black and white was oh-so elegant. Don’t you think so?

That’s all for now, cupcakes!

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