Finding Balance as a Traveler… And Turning 22

Finding Balance as a Traveler

Balance is not my forte.  Is it yours?  I can’t even spell it most of the time.  It’s just one of those words that I write twice before getting it right.  (I mean, are you sure it’s not balence? Okay fine. I’ve just confessed my lack of spelling skills to the world…)

Last year was anything but balanced.  For me anyways.  My emotions were either really high, or really, really low.  My travels consisted of a single trip to California (which was awesome, I’ll admit), and then the rest of the year I planned a trip to Europe that never happened.  I’ve actually been planning trips to Europe for years, but still have not made it.

Tell me, if you’ve ever run across this difficulty: You want to go to say… France?  So you save, save, save.  But then you’re wanderlust gets the better of you, and next thing you know you’ve hopped on a plane to a more quickly attainable destination.
This basically happens to me every year.  I just can’t make myself wait & save. So this year?  Am I going to force myself to wait, and save that money for one awesome trip?


(Not the answer you were expecting, was it?)

Here’s why…

I can’t just stay home, and make myself save.  When the travel bug hits, it’s gruesome  (you know what I mean, don’t you?  Yes, I know you do. lol).  Suddenly you’re drooling over other traveler’s IG accounts, getting jealous over friends trips that they post on FB, and gathering together every travel related movie you can find.  And so you binge watch those movies each night, telling yourself that one day you’re going to make it to those far away places.  And you will.

But what’s getting in the way?  Work, money, time, fear, life, etc, etc…

Finding Balance as a Traveler

Here’s what I realized.  I’m trying to make good as a self-employed individual.  And my budget doesn’t allow me the luxury of uber-expensive plane tickets to Europe.  And it doesn’t help that I have to fly out of a teeny-tiny airport in the Midwest (actually, I love my airport. I just wish it was cheaper to fly out of).

So what is the solution?  Budget-friendly trips!  Lots, and lots, and lots of budget-friendly trips.  Particularly in the country I live (which is the US, in case you don’t know).
And if you want to know what “budget-friendly” means to me, in round figures, I’m saying like $500 per trip.  Be it a one or two week trip, or merely just a weekend (although the penny-pincher in me balks at spending a whole $500 for only one weekend.  So that’s probably not happening).

I’ve already set this plan in motion, and have two trips all put together.  One of which is in November, already booked.  Which means I have something to look forward to all. year. long.  Sounds like an excruciatingly far out date to book a trip, but really?  I love it!  It’s a guarantee that I’ve got travel on the horizon.  And I can put together more trips between then & now.

What do you think of this plan?  Would you opt for more budget-friendly trips, if it meant you could travel more often?  That travel obsession needs fed, you know. 😉

Finding Balance as a Traveler by Hepcat Hannah

Before I forget (like I wish I could)

My birthday is this week, and I am turning 22.  Wish me luck… 😛

Actually, I’m far less freaked out about turning 22 (that’s a pretty balanced number, wouldn’t you say?), than when I turned 21.  I’m even going to allow myself the pleasure of a birthday cake.  Call me superstitious or weird, but last year I did not want to blow out 21 candles…  Don’t know why.  Yes, I know I’m weird (I just admitted it, don’t rub it in!).

Also, real quick.  With this new plan of mine of finding balance and being able to travel more this year by doing budget-friendly trips, that means…  More travel posts!  After all, I can’t write about travel if I’m not traveling, can I? 😀

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