9 Fun Things to do in Seattle

6 Fun Things to do in Seattle, by Hepcat Hannah

There are literally hundreds of things to do in Seattle.  Actually, according to TripAdvisor, the grand total is an impressive 361.  If I’d intended to hit even half of those activities during the length of my visit that would make… *calculating*… 25 things to do each day.  And you know me.  I’m a sloooow traveler.  I like to stop & smell the roses.  Or coffee.  I really like coffee.  Who doesn’t?  Don’t answer that…

And so we will start with coffee. 🙂

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Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room

For a Starbucks lover (which I am, in a mild way), the Roastery & Tasting Room is a “must see” in Seattle.  Actually, so is the 40th floor of the Columbia Center, but I didn’t get around to visiting there…  Well, I admitted that I was a “mild” Starbucks fan.  Moving on…

The Roastry certainly was a treat to visit.  To get the full effect: Grab your usual tall-decaf-latte-french-roast-whatever (to each his own), and then chat with one of the workers about the whole bean roasting process.  It’s really quite interesting.

Also, the Roastry is a short 0.8 mile jaunt from the Pike Place Market.  So, if you’re feeling adventurous (like I was)…  Don’t.  Save yourself the trouble, and drive instead. 😛

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Pike Place Market

This market is not for the faint of heart!  Prepare yourself for airborne fish, addictive donuts, and too many flowers to choose from. 🙂  It’s “never a dull moment” at this market, and the entire experience was one that I will never forget.

You can read my full article right here.

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Anthropologie & BHLDN

So… Here I was, headed for Pike Place Market, when I noticed a few lovely ensembles in a store window.  I casually gazed up to learn the name of the store, and literally gasped (I may have even shrieked), I was so ecstatic.  Anthropologie is a favorite store of mine.  Every year, there are always a few “somethings” from their store in my Christmas Wishlist.  An floral apron here, a posh book there.  If I had a steady income – which I don’t (I’m a writer, what do you expect?) – I’d never shop anywhere else.

Okay, so of course I had to pop in and explore the entire store, which consists of two floors, joined by a stunning circular staircase.  The main floor hosts all the fashionable goodies, books, and home decor.  The second floor is where the magic happens.  Is it possible that I was even more estactic when I discovered their BHLDN store upstairs?  Yes, it is.  There are only a handful of their bridal boutiques in the US (eight to be exact).

I vowed, on the spot, that I wouldn’t consider shopping at any store other than BHLDN for my wedding dress.  Someday, when I enter into that season of my life (whenever that is).   No sorrows here, though!  I’ve read The Single Woman. 🙂

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The Seattle Monorail

If you decide to visit both the Market & the Space Needle in the same day, it’s very easy to just hop on the Monorail.  Which, by the by, is a historical landmark, and also pretty fun to ride.  Even Elvis has ridden it…

In 1962, there were a lot of things happening in Seattle, all because of the World’s Fair.  Both the Monorail and the Space Needle were constructed especially for the Fair.  And both, along with everything else at the fair, served as a backdrop for the film It Happened at the World’s Fair.

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The Space Needle

After a lengthy elevator ride (probably only seams lengthy to us claustrophobic people), the view at the top of The Space Needle is splendid.  Really, once you “survive the ascent,” it is totally worth it.  Be sure to bring your camera, especially one with a great zoom.  I can’t tell you how much fun I had taking pictures of people’s rooftops (weird, I know), ferries coming in, the Great Wheel, the Chihuly Garden and Glass (my only glimpse of it during my visit), etc.

Besides the view, there are a number of neat things to check out on the inside.  Such as their 20′ x 8′ touchscreen guest book: the SkyPad.  Be sure to add your name to the map!

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Cruise the Harbor

The Argosy Cruises have been around since the late 40s, and I’m not surprised.  I thoroughly enjoyed my 1-hour voyage around the harbor.  I learned a lot about Seattle that I wouldn’t have otherwise found out.  Like the old “catch a fish from your room” hotel (properly known as The Edgewater), which The Beatles visited.

Besides the Harbor Cruise, they offer several other cruises featuring more of the Puget Sound including Lake Washington, Lake Union, and more.  And, I believe their Locks Cruise Tour includes a glimpse of the floating house from Sleepless in Seattle.

Here’s a neat tidbit: Notice the oil rig in the lower left picture (above)?  Well, that thing caused quite a buzz in the Emerald City.  Which, in turn, provoked a group of “kayaktivists” to paddle out & protest the eco-unfriendly monstrosity.

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Pier 57

Pier 57 is only a short ways away from Pike Place Market (behind, and several flights down).  Once at the Pier, you’ll find quite a variety of things to do, because Miner’s Landing is a very happening place.  There are several restaurant options, a vintage carousel, a waterfront arcade, and most of all: The Great Wheel.  

And I should mention that I did not ride The Great Wheel.  I may brave the Space Needle, but riding a high-in-the sky gondola, on a 175′ wheel (partially suspended over water, I might add) is not exactly my cup of tea.  Maybe when I was 16, but not now.  One thing, that I did find rather neat (or perhaps I should say scarier), was the black VIP gondola with a glass floor.  You can see it in the lower right picture (above).

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Woodland Park Zoo

This Zoo a great place to spend a few hours taking pics of the animals, and wandering about on a nice day.  Although, you might consider coming fairly early in the morning.  Mostly because it’s cooler (in the Summer, at least), and there are less people, and the animals are more likely to be awake.

There’s nothing more frustrating than a sleepy lion that simply refuses to come out & be photographed. 😛

I especially enjoyed the aviaries, and each big cat exhibit, and the orangutans.  And the Red Ruffed Lemurs.  If you have kids, this is great place in Seattle to visit.  What kid doesn’t love a zoo?

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The Kubota Garden

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I arrived at the Kubota Garden.  Maybe a small, yet intricate Japanese garden, with a nice fish pond.  This place is intricate, but not small in the least.  I spent well over an hour here, and a word of warning: You can really get lost in this place!  I did.  After spending an hour exploring the immaculately kept gardens, I could not find the way out.  Which was actually kinda fun.  I mean, how often can you get lost, but still know where you are at?

As you might have guessed, I did make it out. 🙂


And that wraps up this grand list of things to do in Seattle.  Tell me, what activities in Seattle do you enjoy?  Are there any that you recommend?  Are there any that you do not recommend?


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3 thoughts on “9 Fun Things to do in Seattle

  1. Hi, Hannah!

    I thought your look at Seattle was very informative and interesting. My brother lived in Portland, Oregon, for many years and our intention was to visit him when we retired, but he passed away before that happened. Anyway, I am glad to see a little of the Northwest through your eyes.

    Have you ever thought of writing children’s books–just a thought. I think you might be good at it.

  2. I was stationed at Joint Base Lewis-McChord in the early 1980s, and fell in love with the Pacific Northwest while I was there. I visited my old barracks at Lewis a few years ago, and took the hydroplane ferry across Puget Sound to Victoria, British Columbia, Canada (crumpets in the palace, aye). It had been so long since I had been there, that I did not remember that Spanish moss grew on coniferous trees in that part of the world. The seafood in Seattle is crazy, too.

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