Packing List | How to Pack Super Light for California

Packing List for California by Hepcat HannahDuration: 1 Week
Destination: SOCAL for #WITS16
Weather: Springtime
Luggage: 1 Day Pack, 1 Tote

This minimalist’s packing list is an experiment, as packing “super light” has never been my forte.  In the past I’ve relied on huge suitcases, dealt with overweight bags, and the general nuisance of too. much. stuff.
When I visited Panama, I was so embarrassed when my host picked me up at the airport, and my suitcase took up the entire trunk of her very small (but standard for the city) vehicle.
When I went to Seattle for a week, I tried to pack “lightly,” and found myself lugging a very, very, very heavy Osprey backpack all around the airport.
Now, I’m trying something new.  I am taking one small day pack, and one laptop tote, with only the bare essentials.
I also have to leave extra room for all the swag I’ll be bringing home from the conference I’ll be attending.

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Okay now!  I was going to type out an entire list of exactly everything I will be bringing, but then I decided not to bore you to death.  I will summarize instead.

  • Clothing: 6 outfits (refer to pics above), flip flops, unmentionables, a bikini & cover-up, and a light sweater.  Plus the cute ensemble I’ll be wearing en-route (scroll down to see pics). 🙂  As for getting it all to fit into my little day pack, I have one thing to say: Packing cubes!  The Eagle Creek half-cube, to be specific.
  • Electronics: Laptop (Acer Chromebook 11.6″), Camera (Sony Cyber‑Shot DSC‑HX300), Smartphone, and chargers for everything.  Plus one lipstick-size battery back up.
  • Toiletries: Toothbrush, glasses, soap, feminine products, and all that jazz.
  • Liquids (3-1-1): Lotion, coconut oil, sunscreen, toothpaste, witch hazel, deodorant, saline, extra contact lenses, etc.  No hair products as I’ll only be gone for a week (Ew, girl!  That’s just gross!).  No, it’s not gross.  I have super curly hair that dries out very easily, ergo I only wash it once a week.

And yes, I still have room for extra stuff.  But, besides what I’ve listed above, I’m mainly just taking some snacks & things.

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The brown tote is the Strictly Business Brief by Eagle Creek.  In this bag, I have my electronics, as well as my toiletries bag, snacks, flip flips, and important stuff.
The blue day pack is my Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Backpack.  It has all my clothes, liquids, collapsible water bottle, and some more snacks.

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For my travel outfit, I am wearing a comfy top, my comfiest jeans, and my super comfy tennis shoes. Comfy, eh?  Plus I’m sporting an adorable vest that would not have packed well.
Are you curious about that silly black cat?  His name is Linus.  Hmm… I guess I’m not superstitious, am I?

And there you have it!  I still think that I can get this list down to an even barer minimum.  What do you think of this packing list?  Are you a fan of traveling light?  Please post your tips or comments below!

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