The Single Girl’s Guide to Spending Valentine’s Day Alone

The Single Girl's Guide to Spending Valentine's Day Alone

It’s that time of the year again.  That time where all singles dread spending Valentine’s Day alone, if they are indeed (very) single.  Which I am.  But you won’t see me moping about today…  Actually I’m quite excited about my plans!

Valentine’s Day can be painful if you are spending it alone.  But with every difficult situation, be it a holiday or whatnot, perspective can go a long way.  And if you look at Valentine’s Day as an excuse to pamper yourself, well then, doesn’t that sound like fun?

Just because you don’t have someone to celebrate with, doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate alone & have an utterly fantastic time!

Without further ado, I give you…


The Single Girl's Guide to Spending Valentine's Day Alone via @HepcatHannah

Do Treat Yourself

Did someone say spa?  Or bubble bath?  Or shopping spree?  Pick something nice to do for yourself!

In my case, I’ve got a lovely evening planned.  And in addition to that, I decided to splurge and buy myself a blue LP of the soundtrack from La La Land.

Don’t Stuff Yourself with Leftover Christmas Candy

This one is more for me than you.  Unless you’re like me, and have a tin full of leftover chocolates from Christmas, and it just keeps calling your name.  All two dozen of those lovely wrapped pieces saying, “Eat me, eat me…”  Goodness, what is this?  Alice in Wonderland?

But if a friend give you chocolate for Valentine’s Day, that’s a different matter!  Hey, I wonder if regifting those Christmas chocolates to myself counts…?

The Single Girl's Guide to Spending Valentine's Day Alone via @HepcatHannah

Do Watch a Movie

It’s movie night!  Break out the popcorn!  This is a no-brainer activity when it comes to spending an evening alone.  But it’s such a good one, am I right?  Why else is Netflix so popular?

Don’t Feel Compelled to Pick a Romance

It’s your night.  You can pick whatever movie you want.  Understood?  Good. 😀

What am I watching?  How sweet of you to ask. 😊  I’ll probably start the evening off with one of my favorite romance movies (because I am a romantic at heart), The Way We Were, and then end the evening with binge watching one of my recent TV show discoveries, Taxi.

The Single Girl's Guide to Spending Valentine's Day Alone via @HepcatHannah

Do Let Your Inner #GirlBoss Takeover, and Plan Out Your Entire Evening

An Evening Fit for a Queen (or Princess Grace)

Are you fixing something special for dinner?  Or taking it easy, and ordering a pizza?  Both are good options in my opinion. 🙂  What about dessert?  Since we skipped over the leftover Christmas chocolate, I think we’re entitled to a healthy treat. 😉

I’m fixing one of my favorite meals for dinner, Fettuccine Alfredo.  *happy sigh*  Then I just might fix myself my version of an after dinner cocktail.  Which is hot chocolate (spiked of course).

(And if you’re not an introverted recluse like me, who just adores her own company…)

Don’t Spend Valentine’s Day Entirely Alone

Invite your best friend over, and make it a party.  Or if that’s not possible, then video chat.  Or text.  Or call.  You could even watch the same movie at the same time, and text each other during it.

And pet friends are great movie buddies as well.  So be sure to grab your furry friend for some serious couch cuddling & movie watching.  😉

The Single Girl's Guide to Spending Valentine's Day Alone by Hepcat Hannah

And last, but not least…

Don’t Feel Like You Have to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at all… Do Whatever the Heck You Want!

Maybe your version of Valentine’s Day is a sumptuous bubble bath & boxes of sweets.  Maybe it’s ignoring that there even is such a holiday.  It’s entirely up to you, my dear. 😀

Until next time!


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